Monthly Update (Aug 20)

SKALE on Anthem, onboarding NEAR, Ethermint, DOT transfers, and more!

  • We will support SKALE staking on Anthem! Learn more about our involvement with SKALE here.

  • We made the decision to onboard NEAR and will hopefully be live when staking is introduced on their mainnet in the coming weeks!

  • We are currently rank 15 in the Mission Control The Graph incentivized testnet, find the leaderboard here.

  • We are hiring for two positions: a front-end engineer to lead the development on Anthem, our staking platform, and an operations manager to help us become a more efficient organization! Apply here.

Network Data

Snapshot data from September 2, 2020:

  • Terra hit the 2 million accounts milestone!

  • Historical data from columbus-3 is in beta on Anthem. If you are staking $LUNA, connect your address and see the stablecoin rewards you have earned over time - a proper rollout of the entire history is coming in a few weeks!

  • Terra released a big roadmap update for 2020 with details on the next two upgrades:

    • columbus-4: bringing CosmWasm smart contracts, various tools, and Anchor v1 to Terra, slated for Oct 3.

    • columbus-5: bringing interoperability and Anchor v2 with support for interchain assets (Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana), expected late 2020/Q1 2021.

  • DOT became transferable and is currently trading at $6.14 per token, implying a Polkadot market capitalization of over $6bn. If you are a DOT holder, help our validators get into the active set by nominating them through Lunie or Polkadot JS.

  • The Serum project built on Solana launched a first MVP of their DEX, learn more here.

  • Checkout network metrics on, a dashboard created by our engineer Reisen.

  • The SKL token sale will take place Sep 3-5 with a maximum purchase limit of $1,153 per participant. SKALE’s staking launch was delayed and will commence Oct 1 (if you plan to stake, you will need to do so a few days before). Be aware that it will cost around $20-100 to delegate given the currently high gas prices on Ethereum.

  • Secret Network will launch with a privacy-preserving staking derivative token (dxSCRT) once secret contracts are enabled on mainnet (slated for Sep 15). Learn more here.

Our Content

Felix wrote a guest post on “The Basics of Staking” for Crypto Valley Journal.

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