In our February 2022 newsletter, we announced that Chorus One had grown to a team of 30 passionate people working from more than 18 countries in the world. Three months later, we’re now a team of 42! We’re still hiring for the following roles, come join us -
The month of June 2022 was action-packed for us. From network launches, podcasts, and research, we had our hands full. Here’s a short glimpse - You can…
We are hiring for the following roles: Business Development Manager Communications and Content Specialist Platforms Engineer Rust Software Engineer Our…
Launch of Chorus Ventures, Risks & Rewards in PoS Ethereum, Company Updates and much more...
Growing the Chorus One team and Network Updates.
Releasing our Annual Staking Report for 2021, Airdropping NFTs to Solana Delegators + Network Updates
Our collaboration with a Solana metaverse, Brian & Felix on various podcasts + network updates
Conference frenzy, Q4 retreat in Faro + network updates
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